Fantasy Moments Together


I look you in your eyes,

Straight into the depths of them,

Your eyes...

I love how they show need and care,

I feel your skin,

The way it moves beneath my fingertips,

Longing for my caress,

Your skin...

So soft, I love it's natural enticement,

We've fallen onto something soft and warm,

You and I are now just before bliss,

And just after true love,

There is no two things closer than we,

I should let you know,

Your body is a wonder to me,

Like beauty brought to life,

Which can be felt, tasted, and breathed,

We will draw closer, you can let me in,

I am sure to be pleasing,

We can share one heartbeat,

Share fantasy moments together,

So we can do more than dream...

Thinking of you I can tell,

Your love is pure,

And my heart for you is too,

So considering us I beleive,

All my love belongs to you.

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