She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


Is true love my fate?

I wish I knew.

I wish I were certain about her.

She could be the one.

Or I may have misunderstood.

If only love were like a flower,

Like a dandilion or a rose,

If only I could make the love in her for me,

Grow and bloom,

If only I could smell the sweet savor in her,


Am I stupid?

I think not,

Being a fool for her would be like being a fool for sunrise,

There is no such stupor,

Ah, a flowerbed, and a flower,

If each petal were her feelings for me,

They would have grown one way or the other,

She is beautiful like a flower,

She smells like morning and happiness like a flower,

She IS like a flower,

So each petal would mean how her love for me grows,

One way, she loves me,

The other, she loves me not,

She loves me,

She loves me not,

Am I a fool for a flower?

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