Happy To Be With You


I think you're fly,

The way you hang your hand,

The girly way,

The way you walk by and smile,

Like I've been on your mind,

I like the way you snuggle to me,

And rub my tummy that special way,

I like the way you sit on my lap at parties,

And look at me from across the room,

I like the way you reach for my hands in public,

I love the way you use your pet names on me,

You're sexy when you speak to me,

Sexier when it's about the first thing off the top of your mind,

You have a billion laughs and I likem all,

Especially that heartfelt one,

The one that sounds like you've never been happier,

And looks like you'll never frown again,

I love the way you feel in my arms,

And I love when I'm in yours,

It rocks my world when you REALLY kiss me like you love me,

It makes me happy to be with you.

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