This Is Not A Tragedy

Once upon a time,

I don't remember when,

There were two who knew,

There was someone for them,

They met each other,

In an unlikely place,

And found favor,

In their similar tastes,

For fun, for happiness,

For romance and love,

For intimacy that most of us,

May know nothing of,

But one day,

In a swoop of fear and heartache,

Trouble was found in paradise,

One of them felt distaste,

They fought loud and never found,

The reason why,

Their two aching heart,

Had to say say good bye,

This is not a tragedy,

As you all assume,

But an opportunity for these two,

To make a new love bloom true,

They two will learn eventually,

Just what love entails,

In their new romances,

And some of their bitter heartaches,

Until eventually they learn,

Just what they need to find that 'one',

And in all the glory,

This Fairy tale will be done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And they lived happily ever after...

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