Right And Left

If you would only come to your senses,

You'd see I'll love you more than anyone,

If you'd just put down your defenses,

This silly dance we're doing would be done,

Where I go left and you go right,

We always fuss and we always fight,

Wrong is wrong babe, we should be right,

At the center of the love between you and I

But you can't seem to pull away from it,

It's haunting your nights out with me,

I'm tellin you, the fear's all bull shit,

Just let me love you and then you'd see,

That when you go right, I end up left,

And that just isn't ever the best,

With all the pain I haven't done wrong yet,

But you're never finished with this test,

And I can't take this for too much longer,

It's weighing too much on my heart,

Let me in, make our love stronger,

Your fears are tearing us apart,

There's more to love than just the feeling,

There's thing that have to be done,

And I'm keeping up with all my things,

You're the only one,

That goes right on out, and leave me left,

You know that leaves pains in my chest,

You wonder how much in me I have left,

It's dwindling,

It's dwingling,

I may soon come to my end.

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