Your 'Real Me'

Swaying, smiling, looking up at me

Lit-up dance floor spin

I don't care babe what you wanna do

Loving you ain't sin

Sexy, sensual, kissing in the dark,

Bodies pressed-on tight,

I've never felt closer to your heart,

Than I feel this night,

You're pretty smile dies,

For fear of losing me, Oh no,


I'll be your live wire connection,

To all the things inside of me,

Just be you're life-like self,

With all your insecurities,

Sooner or tonight your heart'll realize my heart to be,

To be all you need to be your 'real me'.

Sweetie, lovey, sugar, kittie pooh,

Pet names tickle your tounge,

Honey your sweetness last forever,

I'm tellin' you you're the one,

Kiss me, hold me, love me sweetly,

Like you've never done,

Everytime we're going at it,

We never seem to get done,

You're pretty smile dies and you smile it fades,

I may go, what then?

Let me say my love for you has a start,

But it's got no end, oh no,

Oh no, oh no,

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