I work everyday as Boss Guy's bitch

Doin' whatever the hell that Boss Guy wishes

Boss Guy owns until half past two,

But at nights when I come home I belong to you

I'm your cable guy,

Fixin' up your box,

Make sure everything is hookin up right,

It's ok I like a few chore,


When you make me go to CVS,

Man I hate to shop for tampax pads,

Then the cashier flirts with me, the girl named Sue

She don't fuckin' get that I belong to you

I'm your super plumber guy

My tools are 'round my waist

Fixin' up your water works right

And I alway lay the pipes down straight


Well that's all I have to say for my baby girl

The cutie who alway wants me inside her world

Pretty eyes, and pretty sight, she's so hot, it's true

She always knows no matter what... baby, I belong to you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanna make this a rock song... kinda Bowling for Soup-ish

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