Under Teary Skies

Romance in motion under teary skies,

My world cried when you weren't with me,

So confused by the how's and the why's,

Rainy night never felt this cold before,

You walked out of your front door like an angel out of heaven,

The house lights shining on just the two of us,

You looked me in my eyes, I knew then,

Our love would die with the rain...

I would cry if you would come back to wipe my tears,

Bawl if I knew you'd hear me,

I'd give anything to lose these fears,

You knew this well enough,

With your one last kiss I felt shivers go down my spine,

Intoxicating me with your dwindling love,

Smoother than sparkling wine,

I was an adict to the warmth of your skin,

That night lasted forever like the rain,

Still remains romance in motion under teary skies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this is romantic there's love, kissing, feelings...but this isn't even a true story.

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