Secret Admirer Letter ( If You Found Out )

To: The girl @ locker #17

Love is begging me to let you know,

And fears are keeping my lips sealed and still,

But I'm hoping this letter doesn't become and waste for the basket,

Thankfully there is a certain anonymity in secret admirer letters...

So here I'll SHOUT after my deepest breath,

I LOVE YOU, and I hope you know,

Someone out here really cares for you,

Kepping my silence only for fear that if you found out...

You might reject me like a morbid thought,

Ignore me like an annoying friend,

Abhor me like a hideous memory,

Perhaps I'm better off forgotten anyway...

I'm in love with you and hope you know,

I find you to be so beautifully wonderfully amazing,

In spite of fears that you might carelessly shatter my heart,

If you found me out...

From: Me hoping this letter makes it to your locker...

P.S.: L#42

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote a poem back in high school about unrequited love. I hated how it turned out, and since writing it wanted to rewrite it. I also wanted to keep the good parts, this is the result.

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