The Way All My Crushes Go

I never thought I'd find someone like her,

And I alway thought I'd have the chance to have her,

She was a vision of someone I wish I could be with,

And I was in the stupor of my romantic dilusion,

So that was what a crush feels like,

One day, I'd say, she'll like it my way,

And one night I'll hear her voice on the other end of the line,

One day she'd be with me,

Some days are for fools,

Days flew by like the days of a war in constant cease-fire,

No one was hurt, but noone accomplished anything,

I just waited for her to turn her eyes to me,

But that day never came,

She was untouchable beauty personified,

Gracing my halls like a goddess,

She had me in awe, staring from a distance,

And without sign nor warning,

She was gone.

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