hell on earth

I need for a healing hug 

I tried to get one just one

and I feel like trash every time 

You said no

You wanted an us

but when I beg

I get denied

You want strong

but those words only hold me together

till I get to the end of the drive 

and out of sight

then I fall apart 

I kept waiting

for a baby come home

I need a hug 

but it's never came

You tell me to be strong 

Well I am but so strong

I get to the end of the road

and my strength falls

when I get to the drive and out of the car

I see a sight that sends me

right back to the car needing to


I cry alone

with no one to wipe my tears 

I cry alone with no one to sooth my fears

I pray for strength and 

God shows 

my worst fears

he showed me why I must be

and watt I musent


I see the hell I could be going through

and odd it seems it shows me surviving

to live through a future hell 

a hell on earth

my worst nightmare

my deepest fear come to life I wake up screaming

begging for death

for him to take me


only to realize

they are still alive

and I'm still alone

I just wish I could get one more hug

to heal my heart 

before it gives out


signed a broken man 


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