The Talkings of Us

I got diamonds in my eyes

ruby represents my pride

im not cold it's just II 

hurt to meany times

remeber im not a wwriter

im a poet

I am a poet

and don't everyone know it

I've got a past

but won't let it last

so when the end is near

I hope someone will shed a tear



Don't they know who I am ?!!!

some recognize me as a girl

in this world with no identy 

some think less of me

like im nothing but I smile 

like it don't hurt

when I'm died and gone

would someone shed a teardrop me?!!

The hidden kingdom

is behind a window

but it is darked with sin

how can it be reached

if not seen?


to ask jesus for help

so he can take the sin away

so we can see that beutyful

kingdom that is hidden.

but that window can block

us but we got the power to

unlock the window and see that

beutyful kingdom god mad.

Trators to the world

Don't assend to Hevean

The Darkest pits of Hell for them

I try to stay out

and stay from the depths

trators go to hell and so does liers

but they dont know that they will

burn in the pits of hell day and

night with no rest.

thats why i try my best to stay 

in gods arms and not to always

please man but to please jesus

we dont know the hour our the day

whitch he may come

Fear Hell I don't

Death I laugh with and swap tales

For amateurs built the Ark,

And experts built the Titanic



wat i dont understand

why dont fear hell?

so you tell me you 

rather go to hell

than to heaven why?

you rather do the wrong

thing than the right thing?

and sell your soul to the devil?

I don't fear

Or long for

I accept God's judgment

and go with dignety



but you have a chance to get it right

dont be a fool and risk your life

god doesnt ask for much

all he ask of us is to do the right

thing why go to hell for eternity

when you can go to heaven

I do what I can

To reserve a place in the gardens of peace

Good is what I strive for

To clense this world

But not to be noticed

Sins get revealed

and good gets covertd nowadays

so behind the scenes is where I will be



i agree to wat you say

and all you say is true

me i dont care about this world

but i do care about the poeple

i dont care if im famous or not

because i want let it change

how i am im a person that

stands back and watch

i dont try to please the world

but i come to please god

To please the world

Is to sin greatly

They all want pleasure and sex

The things to marry for

The kids that dies

Because of what they live as

That pain of the clinics

thats what needs my change


Music is my retreat if not on retreats



i dont believe that every body in the

world wants the pleasure of sex

all you listed was not all unworthy

you just got to find the ones that

dont and stick with them

wow you love music!!! me to


True it was a bit broad

I know those who don't chase it

Writing is good

friends are better

God is all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Me and mizzjazzy started to message that turned into something of a theological disscusion.

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