Backwards In Space

Coming Out

If given the chance to turn back time
Would you be positive that I could?
Take the present set it on rewind
And go back to the time I felt undiscovered

Thought of the travel brings me down
That this function does not even exist
Just to turn something totally around
Even my decision, my past I felt more doubt

Though bullying with my identity
On both sides, there is tons of regret
Of ever dealing with mistaken orientation
Coming years later into something that has never left

Only to discover that is you
Glaring in the mirror at that face
In those eyes to tear forever feeling useful
Allow me to go backwards like in space

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Discovery of my Sexual orientation. That if I could change back time, I would have been a Lesbian.

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Love this one, maybe because

Love this one, maybe because I'm a lesbian :)

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Thank you1 I'm glad you liked

Thank you1 I'm glad you liked it.
I'm lesbian as well.. Complicated.
I have a lot of poetry about Coming Out and Lgbt.

~*~ [ Blessed Be ] ~*~