Words Of Protection


Demons of vengeance
Demons of wrath
Demons of greed

Unpredictable at first
Yet until they commit their mischief deeds
Scary and deceitful, showing absolutely no fear
Summoned their presence at your own will

Nausiated from their transparent appearence
I relax to allow you to enter my body
Posses but don't panic
Something can go wrong if corrupted

Interrupt death in the underworld
Call upon guidance and protection
Words spoken from with in
Guide our circle

Will fade you
Will weaken you
In the grasp of demond hand
In the balance of good and evil
No one will rise on top to win
No medal of honor

Word of advice to summoning demons
Practitioners with a gift
Take it slow if you get it back
Three times three

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem of Comforting Words to keep Protected.. obviously about a Posession.

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