Untold Back Story

Coming Out

How to describe a selfishly eager untold back story
From in the depths of all their greedy eyes of a male
Written oath towards the focus for themselves
Trying to create unworthy plans to make an ending
Of all lives you specifically ruined to hell

Forget the habits for the unfaithful manhood of a human
There only return is to allow another win
And back down your influence just so you lose
However it's triumph is always gone invisible

In it's own realization thing's got to change
For the better it began with nailing down the ego
That caused women everywhere to turn the other way
Losing attraction towards their actual brain
Never made insanity but only logical reasons to stay far away

Ever since the experiments failed on male anatomy
Got different approaches than expectedly
The untold back story converted doors
And walked through the door opened to something brand new

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty much an Intelligent way of putting my Coming Out Story!

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