Khalia's Positive Turn Around

Uplifting Pieces

Psst hey there.

My name is Khalia

and i know what it's like to feel empty.

empty inside and out.

empty all around.

see, my past life was full of happiness, joy and greatness

but no matter where life took me

i always felt empty.

i felt like a loner, though i had many friends

i felt ugly, though people told me otherwise

i needed something on me, beside me, with me to fill that void.

That void of something

something i never knew or know now.

When something good hits me i always think of the bad possibilities. You know why?

Because it's so easy to think of good things

and celebrate them

but its hard to see the bad

so I just cut to the chase.

I think about a bad prize

instead of enjoying a good thing that I've got.

I get into a relationship

and think of all the bad things that man is going to do to me

because I'm used to it.

I'm almost always right too.

Just when I start to feel comfortable something or someone has to rain on my parade.

Hmm, then I wonder what do i do now?

I think I'm a very smart person

but I make dumb decisions.

I'm full of SOO much potential

because I stay bottled up.

Competition is fierce

I'm always thinking bout new ways to get money or to make money.

I see a lot of celebrities lose it all.

I've lost it all.

That's the easy part


gaining it back is hard.

But I'm gonna try.

That's going to be my first good step

in this journey called life.

I just ate some positivity

and now I'm full

I'm done feeling empty.

Because my name is Khalia

and I've been through the worst

So now I deserve the best

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