She Stayed with Me

She walked

straight through that door.

ER flashes poured red,

as blood,

all over the floor…

Dressed in drips

soaked in strong odor;

shoes almost gone,

carrying life, judged

by the character of the day.

And I looked up…

Her red, swelled legs,

which needed to cure;

or it was her lonely heart,

which was to burst,

overfilled with disturbance

that let the pain gangrene-out

through the infection…

And I treated the legs…

I trapped the pain,

I tried to fight the hurt…

But the pain found another way out-

she spoke,

I wished she would stop.

Her foolish words

that signed her off insane.

She talk about her family

which found success back then…

And I listened…

I caught she said she did ballet.

She kept repeating that,

about her violin she played…

The many bows she remembered,

the glimpse of the audience

and the long applause;

Her long black gown

was remarkable…

And I didn’t believe a word…

She read it in my eyes;

she couldn’t blame me-

she begged the streets,

I thought I’m saving her…

“Take this-

will help you tremendously,

But now, you should go”

And I looked behind her…

My path home

use to curve another way.

I looked around,

was she alright?

But I couldn’t find her,

Nor she walked again the ER door…

Trapped in my thoughts

I stopped for a second,

And I heard the violin…

Stunning sounds flooding the halls

of the exhausted, blue, white and green scrubs…

She was curing us.

Calmly sitting in that corner,

she played her instrument-

music let free again by her hands.

Her eyes were closed-

Was she with her husband and her sons?


Was she in the first row

of the philharmonic orchestra?

She had her audience one more time.

Just streamed those notes

to catch our tears…

And I thank you!

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