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Why are we like this? Why do we take it for granted? Don't we understand that this is a gift from whoever brought us to life? I don't know if it's the gods, a single god or just destiny. This was the only place we had and it did not belong to us, we belonged to it, we needed it, but we didn't keep that in mind . There's a reason why we are here but we never thought of that. Instead we walked past though like we had many more  places we could call home, we could see but it seems as we were blind, we could see the birds, but we didn't pay attention to their songs, we could see the trees, but we ignored their wisdom, and the list goes on.

I woke up with the burning kiss of grey flakes that were falling from above. The sky was blood colored, the air was heavy and it looked dusty. I tried to open my eyes, but the dust kept me blind. What did just happen? I was just laying in the green grass seconds ago, staring at the sun and listening to the birds sing. Now here I am laying in the vaporized floor while the deep sound of silence sings to my ear.  

In a blink the earth started to crumble down, it was like she had just let loose her rage against those who didn't pay attention to her. The sea was no longer dancing at a slow rhythm, it embraced the land as if it wanted to asphyxiate it. The sky was no longer blue and the wind was no longer fresh, it felt like the sun wanted us to burn and that the air wanted to take our last breath with it's poisoned dust.

I stood up, could not see a thing, could not hear a thing, couldn't even breath properly, suddenly I heard a sweet voice talking to me from above, her voice felt like silk, she was talking with love, like a mother. I just heard that she said: You will remain in this place for eternity, I won't let you die my sons and daughters, but you can not live either, I'll fix your home, but you will not be able to feel it, every creature will live but you will remain caged in this devastated world, you will be able to see the sun but it will feel like the sun  that is burning you right now, you will see the sea beautiful as always but you will only feel its anger against you, I will make the air clean again but the dust will forever cover your lungs.

And there's when I understood everything, the world had just ended for us, she was determined to unblind us and wakes us up from our ignorance.


She wanted  attention, she needed it, she was always there for us, she always tried to look her best for us, she gave us everything but we gave her nothing, not even a stare.  

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