5 Tips For Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

Many have speculated how and why Ms Jackson got so heavy in the first place; depression, stress and all the usual reasons have been suggested by various commentators. Some excused that it was her stressful superstar The Lost Ways existence that caused the recent problem, and the eating disorders that have been reported on in the past. Maybe, maybe not; that's her business really. Stars in the public limelight do have stresses that may be different to other people's stresses. But there are millions of people not in the limelight who are overweight and may be tempted to blame stress.


Of course, it could be that Janet Jackson just felt like letting herself go for while, and let the weight drift upwards, without feeling any real incentive to keep it under a tight rein. Then one day felt the effects of being too heavy and thought: "That's it, I'm going to lose weight."


Unless Janet Jackson has a medical problem, then being overweight was simply caused by consuming too many calories compared to the energy she was expending each day. That is the case with almost all overweight and obese people. So, once that decision was made to get back to what she thought was her best weight, she had to set about reversing that situation. In other words, strike a better balance between exercise and food consumption.




If the figures that we read at the time were true, Ms Jackson lost weight at a rate well above the "safe" rate suggested by most doctors. She was losing nearly 4 pound a week over the period of 4 months, about double the recommended weight loss rate. But how was she able to do it?

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