Love song inside of me more than a simple poem. While the birds are waiting to see, my kindness comes to bless me from heaven, O! Cover his arms with warmth and encouragement, for I am his princess! He kisses me as a special person, in places I do not expect, but still desired. His touch, as a servant, a care-giver, as a doctor, as a dear friend,... He left the feelings building up inside me, respecting the mystery of my femininity. Took days, sometimes weeks, and even months, restraining himself at every opportunity, until I could stay no longer, because my heart and soul cried out for love, ... When the passion begins to blur the reality, and then, he love me like no other. His love fed me, his love clothed me, his love bathed me, massaging every inch of my skin, and reaching to the depth of my soul, to care, to really care about me, as if I were the most precious being on earth!... until my heart yearns to release so much, I explode with his slightest touch, or even just with a wave of his hand... Now the angels take me his kiss.

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