How Things Should be

In times in the past
i saw it as we both were lost
on a road in a reltionship were things weren't there
and it cause us to fight cause we didnt see each other
for who we were and who we are

And it ended and i felt hollow inside
like a piece of glass that you saw through
I told you it wasn't you
It was the road we were walking that tore us in two

I saw you cry and my walls fell down
and you felt the tears on your side
For every tear that fell was
a memory of you

Im sorry for what ive done to you
and its this that helps us now
cause now we know what to do
and that is to communicate our feelings through

You really are amazing and special
this i know
and its this felling inside me that grows
that maybe starting again form the start
is whats best
cause we will know each other the best

Its this feeling inside that i can't explain
that makes me wanna make you smile each day
I know you are strong and you've been through alot
but i wanna know you for you

and i hope this time i get to meet you:)
A poem about how i think things are gonna be special
this time cause we learning about each other each day

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