The Shadow Of Darkness

Every morning she awakes

She see's the reflection of a young girl.

The image she portrays to the world

A mask, a dark shadow, a cover from the truth.

Her reflection is a lie.

Yet she continues to wear the mask

Because she is afraid of what will become of her

After she reveals the truth.

She see's a girl so strong, but yet so weak.

She see's a girl so brave, yet the smallest things cause her fear.

She hides her pain, her sorrow, her anger, and her tears.

She’s falling, fading away into the depths of her own demented mind

Reaching for death, but continues to fail.

Death won’t have her.

With every passing second, she grows weaker

She can’t hide under her mask forever.

With every heart break, every silent tear she cries

Her mask begins to peal, to fade away, and reveal another truth.

A truth that will soon lead her to insanity.

She wants to be okay, to be happy.

She wants to be noticed.

She wants to feel as if she belongs, but she can’t.

She is forced away.

Forced away by a darkness.

Darkness so strong and overwhelming.

A darkness that covers her light.

The light of her happiness; the light of her truth.

She can’t win.

She can’t overcome the darkness that will forever cast a shadow over her.

Until she can find the strength.

If that strength doesn't become engulfed by the shadow of darkness as well

Then maybe, just maybe she can reveal her true colors

And not be afraid anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem/short story I wrote back in late 2004.

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