I sit here draining the ink from this pen

Over and over and again and again

I express my darkness in a colorful way

I pour out my soul each and every day

I give it my all yet receive nothing back

My emotions I write and communication I lack

I'm surrounded by drama that I let build up

Until stress overwhelms me and I almost give up

What can I say to help you understand

What I go through each day "my life on demand"

I feel as if I'm dancing with death

Barely getting by until it takes my last breath

Within the confusion of my own thoughts

I dissolve in the madness and continue to rot

Theres always so many things I want to say

But its hard to stand in the spotlight

put myself on display

I've been through enough but still not a lot

Theres so many things I wish I'd forgot

So many things I'd like to let people know

Some things are hard to tell let alone show

My life is like a stage

As I continue to dance and age

And fall apart as I fall to the floor

Somehow I manage to get up unliving but restored

Decaying matter stuck between life and death yet continuing to run course

So here I will always remain forever a dancing corpse

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