Path of Life 7-4


As I await the day of my creation

You assured me of my perfection

Nervously I laughed and turned

To watch my parents coincide

"One day," You began to say to me

As if I were all that You could see

"All the greatness of this world is yours,

If only you would follow Me."

Nine months came and passed

Telling me our love would last

Unsure as I was, I entered this world

Saying 'hello' to those I would love

Into my ear You continued to speak

Me continuing Your hope to seek

Growing forever closer to Your light

Following always where you might lead

Trials and pain they pass me by

Always I question why I must cry

Life could go on without such sorrow

Without hurt from inside tearing me apart

"Just wait," You speak to me again

"My word is on paper, and you are My pen,

To be understood is to understand

And to undestand is to have experienced."

Everything I undergo is on purpose

Every hurt, every fight, every fuss

How could I have gotten here without You?

You have always been here for me

Why have I not shone for you ever day?

Giving a light to guide the way?

Fear has kept me all of these years

Leaning on You in times of desperation

No matter the situation, Your path it leads

Marking in Your book each of my deeds

Knowing predestined where I should fall

And where it is I will learn

This is where I become who I am

Becoming for my Shepard the perfect lamb

Never ceasing to follow You

Always falling to the ways of the world

So purposeful, yet vein

Natural, but unexpected

What is meant to happen

Is unheard of

Show in me Your power

And forever I am Yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is amazing how God will put our lives together before we are even born so that we experience exactly what He wishes so that we can be stronger later in life.

" As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him." -Psalms 18:30

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