From Better to Worse 5-1


My stomach is crunched in knots in my lungs

I don't even know what I want to say to you

Shaking from anger in a strange way

Was it only 20 minutes ago

I sat in my car dreading to come inside

Good reason was before me

Never expected these reasons though

I just spent an hour crying over you

An hour shaking over you

And that was only when I was alone

Getting home I just wanted to hear things better

I wanted to make everything alright

But most of all I wanted to hear you

Even if I wasn't pleased, it was you

I don't need ghosts in my life

I've had them before and I hate them

Making shields in front of my face

So I never know what is going on

The first words I truly heard from you

You cannot make them undone, but they were horrid

How could you ever do that to me

Going from one emotion to another

It just doesn't suit me, but I had to

I was better, feeling so uneasy but better

Thanks again for doing what you like to do

Thanks for ruining my high

If that is what you really want to call it

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