Lover's Education 6-27


Here I lay in my bed to dream

A pretend world of things unseen

Thoughts of you stream through my mind

All the words said that were so kind

My love for you, it has not gone

Staying with me forever long

Do I wish to see your face again?

Smile at you, share a laugh?

Not necessarily

The past is just to reminisce

Days do not pass without you

Just as each morning, grass meets dew

So you stay upon my mind

Soaking me with your presence kind

Never do I wish to kiss your lips

No matter how sweet they once did taste

Only I hope for another love

One to get me through the day

He turns to me with words elegant

Leaving on my heart but the tiniest dent

To this boy I could never run

Tell him my thoughts without fear of shun

Cry to when the times are hard

Explain to him what I hold with regard

Relax with for hours without end

Refer to him as my best friend

The list continues for days and days

For over my eyes you have placed this haze

I cannot see what lies just past you

The future being thrown askew

Do I wish to see your face again?

Feel the sweet caress of your touch?

Not necessarily

The past is meant to be the past

Love it, remember it,

           Learn from it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes it is hard to put the past behind you when everything in the world reminds you of the past.

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