The Legacy of Sky: Chapters 3 and 4

The Legacy of Sky; A Forgotten Dynasty
“Tale of the two Brothers”

Chapter Three

The fire danced with a passion of it's own. Deep reds, dark oranges coming together in a brilliant yellow and deep within its core you could almost make out images of any size or nature. Sky laid against the tree, his eyes half closed as he stared into the fire possibly thinking of another place? Melody sat across from him, warming her hands before the fire, her eyes glancing from the fire to sky and back to the fire. Finally when her hands were warm and her dress was no longer damp she slowly scooted back from the fire, resting against a large boulder. Bringing her knees to her chest then slowly wrapping her arms around them.
It was quiet, too quiet for her. She wanted to say something but noticed from the start, Sky was a quiet person, after witnessing what happened just moments before she was afraid to upset him, Was it wise for her to go through with this, she began to question her own motives when suddenly his soft voice broke the silence in the air.

"Why were those guys after you?" he spoke, his eyes never once leaving the fire

"you know that man who's hand you severed?" she spoke as she turned laying her head down in her lap while she continued
"I was sold to him"

was all she heard from Sky. Melody let out a soft sigh as she went on.

"because of that very substance you smoke, it killed my brother and father and destroyed my family, before my father passed away he managed to acquire a huge debt with the trading companies, My father then killed himself, my brother then tried to exact revenge in the end they killed him"

Melody closed her eye's her long brown hair slowly fell down in front of her face hiding her tears as she continued to speak

"In this day and age, debts if not paid becomes a family issue. So my Mother was forced to sell me off to that man."
Her tears were now running down her cheeks as her own sadness made it unbearable to speak anymore. After a few moments of silence Sky slowly spoke
"Get some sleep, we will want head off early in the morning"

Melody slowly laid down her back to the boulder facing Sky, her arms gently supporting her head and she looked across the fire towards the man resting against the tree his eyes were now closed, who is this man she thought to herself, does he even care? many thoughts crossed her mind before sleep took hold of her.

Morning came fast for Melody as she slowly opened her eyes she instantly realized Sky was not there. Sitting up she slowly started to look around, as each second that passed she realized Sky was no where in sight the more frantic she got, by now she was on her feet leaning against the boulder that had offered support the night before, She was starting to come to the conclusion Sky had abandoned her that she was on her own. Slowly she started walking along the path through the woods until it opened up into a small clearing. A large tree sat in the middle offering shade throughout most of the clearing. She stopped when she saw Sky, just as she was about to go to him, when she saw his shirt was off hanging on a tree limb from the large tree, below laid the sheaths for his swords.
Sky was standing a few feet from the tree in a clearing, his eyes were closed as his hands were out stretched in each hand was a katana, he looked to be practicing, She watched on as Sky suddenly without warning brought his katana's down, each blade slicing through the air as he crisscrossed them in mid motion allowing them to cycle around his own body in a smooth motion, the finely crafted blades sung with a aura of their own as they sliced through the air, streaks of silver dashed past her vision as she watched on in awe.
Without thinking she slowly started walking towards him, as his back was turned to her the closer she got the more visible a large scar could be seen going straight up his spine, it must have been deep. She stopped a few feet from him still watching the blades cut through the air, as fast as the blades were spinning is as fast as they stopped when before she realized Sky quickly took the Katana in his right hand flipping the blade so that its reversed, he turned his body bringing the blade around just inches from Melody's neck, Startled she jumped back looking up to see Sky's eyes were now opened and fixed on her.

"Your awake"
was all that he said as he quickly dropped his hands to his sides allowing the tips of the katana's to rest on the ground.

Melody simply nodded her head.
"We should get moving" Sky said as he turned around grabbing his shirt and Sheathes. "Where are we going?" she softly spoke, Sky finished putting his shirt back on before speaking. "There's a small village a few miles away, I'm sure your going to need supplies."

"Supplies?" she spoke softly.
Sky nodded as he strapped his swords over his shoulders
"You don't expect me to baby sit you forever do you?" Melody was surprised by his comment but shook her head no but deep down what really surprised her was how long he has stayed with her to begin with.
She once again followed Sky through the woods, keeping a few feet of distance from him, as she softly hummed a tune...


"He Took my Hand! I want him to die!"
The amputated man slammed his other hand that was balled into a fist hard down onto the old wooden table, across from him sat a figure, unable to make out any distinctive features due to the shadows and poor lighting of the tavern. "It's not my responsibility for your incompetence to hold onto a slave." The stranger spoke in a deep voice.

The man started to grin as he took a seat across from the stranger
"That maybe So, but I heard you were for hire none the less."

"Oh you must be hearing a lot these days cripple"
The stranger spoke with no regards.

The man tightened his grip with his one remaining good hand
"Don't mock me, I have information your looking for"
The Stranger was silent waiting for the man to finish talking.
"The Man I want dead is the very same man your looking for, he even said his Father was the great Lord Sky whatever that means."

Slowly the shadowy figure moved closer towards the light until only his eyes became visible one a dark brown color the other a faint blue.
The man only nodded his head, as the stranger grinned with excitement behind the shadows. "Very well, but you must and will do as I say or else you will lose my protection, I want Sky to suffer" The stranger whispered quietly.

The man growled in anger his despise for this strange man has already fueled his hate. The stranger once again broke the silence
"I want you to meet up with Sky and give him this message from me, but don't worry as long as your on your best behavior I'm sure he wont kill you."
Slowly he slid a closed envelope with a wax seal across the wooden table

"Remember fail and you will never get your slave or your money"
the Stranger warned.

"What if I have to kill him"
the man chuckled to himself picking up the envelope from the table looking back up towards the shadows, just then a waitress walked by in her hand was a candle as she went about lighting various lanterns throughout the establishment, she passed by the table, the shadows danced to the corner revealing an empty seat where the stranger had been sitting.

The man looked around.
"I don't like the feeling of this guy either"
he spoke to himself as he got up and left the tavern.

Chapter Four

It was almost mid afternoon when Sky and Melody arrived in the small village, the sun was out high in the sky unhindered by any clouds, the heat alone would make anyone sweat. The town itself was small with but a small handful of buildings, most of which were homes converted into shops, a large building stood to the east several smaller buildings clumped together laid to the west, as Sky and Melody slowly walked north along the dirt path, many villagers were busy tending to the day's chores, a shopkeeper stood outside his small humble abode sweeping the dust from the porch.

Some of the villagers turned their heads towards the two as they slowly walked, Sky stopped as he looked around before turning his attention towards Melody who was already looking at him. Slowly he pulled a small pouch from his pocket placing it in her hand before speaking
"Go get some supplies"

Melody looked down at the pouch in her hand, it was fairly heavy as she slowly bounced the pouch in her hand she realized it was gold coins, she looked up to say something but watched as Sky disappeared into a building. She turned and began looking around almost confused at what to do then saw a sign hanging above one of the old shops.
"Supplies" she thought to herself as she slowly made her way towards the big building to the east..

The room was dark, as Sky entered, the smell of herbs filled his nostrils as he slowly looked about, walking through the old building his boots treading softly on the old wooden floor, past rows and rows of shelves. Stopping every so often as he would pick up a small jar reading the label before putting it down, until finally he made his way to the counter were a small oriental man was standing, his dirty brown robes stuck out like a sore thumb his nose was huge compared to his other facial features. Sky looked about behind the counter eying the various herbs and talismans there..

"Do you have any Meconium?" Sky spoke softly laying his arm down on the counter leaning against it

The oriental guy looked across at sky confused.
When Sky saw his reaction he let out a soft sigh "Opium" Sky spoke again this time a little more stern. The Oriental man's reaction was a lot better this time around.
"ohhh, yes sir we do" he spoke as he turned around and began digging through a few boxes behind the counter, before long he turned back around producing a small container, Sky watched on as the man slowly opened the box revealing small yellowish brown substance, he then looked up to sky to see if he approved.
Sky Simply nodded his head towards the man before he spoke again.
"give me a pound of it, and some of your jinax spices." Reaching up grabbing a root setting it down next to the box of Meconium.

The oriental man carefully looked over the contents then slowly began thinking of a price but before he could say anything Sky set a handful of gold coins down onto the counter, with his other hand picked up the recent bought goods then walked casually out the door.


The room was bright, well lit and alive with the sounds of laughter and music, the old wooden doors of the tavern hung open as Sky simply made his way in, stopping just at the door to survey the area, in his mouth laid his small pipe his eyes glazed over as they scanned the room.

A group of men and women were standing in front of a small stage hosting a five man band, lutes, flutes, and a piano. directly in front of him was the bar, in which six men stat drinking what looked to be ale or brandy, Sky also noticed several men seated at various tables throughout the room, he slowly walked towards an empty table taking as seat with his back to the wall, slowly propping his feet up on the table he sat back. It wasn't long before he heard a familiar voice as he slowly turned his head he froze for a second.
There before him out on the dance floor was Melody, her long brown hair flowing freely as she spun and danced, she was average height, slim yet it was the white elegant dress that showed off her fine curves, the dress looked to be outlined in shiny gems, embroidered etching went up and down the sides of her dress, Sky sat there slowly taking a puff from his pipe for a moment as if fixated on her every move, the sway of her hips to the simple gestures of her finger tips.

All the laughter and noises in the tavern seemed to fade into the background as the music played on, Sky kicked his feet to the ground as he slowly stood up, taking the pipe from his mouth to his pocket as he slowly walked towards Melody, who was still dancing, the music grew louder and deeper the closer sky got, by the time he was to her, their bodies moved as one as they danced, Sky slowly wrapped his left arm around her lower waist guiding her movements with his own, at first she was surprised when he showed up but once she saw who it was her guard let down as she accepted Sky's movements, embracing them into her own she danced each hypnotized by the others eyes.

After a few minutes of dancing Sky slowly leaned in, his breath warm against her exposed skin, as he slowly whispered into her ear.
"Is this what you call buying supplies?"
he backed away a half heartily grin plastered on his face.
"Oh, what ever do you mean sir? what are supplies?" she jokingly spoke trying to hold back the laughter as she leaned back into Sky's arm.
Sky slowly brought her back up to eye level using his forearm that was supporting her lower back, the fingers on his other hand slowly guiding their way up her arm then taking her hand placing it to his shoulder. She instinctively kept her hand supported there as they danced.

The music slowly died down as the crowd started dispatching towards various tables within the tavern, Sky and Melody still stood there for a bit staring into each other's eyes. It was Sky who broke the trance slowly turning around taking Melody by the hand as they walked towards a table.

"You did buy supplies right?" Sky inquired again.
"Yes I bought supplies, there's a wagon outside waiting to take me anywhere I want to go."
As they got to a table Sky slowly pulled out a chair for Melody as she slowly took her seat he then walked towards his chair, once again taking his seat propping his feet up onto the table, Melody looked shocked there for a moment before regaining her composure then slowly looking down into her lap where her hands rested.
"Its just. I don't know where to go" she said softly

Sky was now packing a bowl of the Meconium he recently purchased as he prepared his pipe he spoke softly.
"Head for the first city across the border, then my suggestion would be to start your life all over, and forget about all this."
Melody looked up just in time to see Sky reach for the long slender rod hidden within his katana to light his pipe, she sighed and nodded
but what she really wanted to say. To ask him, is if she could travel with him, stay with him. She was startled out of her daze by the waitress.

"Would you like anything to drink there lass?" She spoke in an up tone manner. Melody was about to shake her head no before Sky chimed in.
"Yes get her a glass of apple cider, without the liquor."

Melody looked over towards Sky questioning him but didn't say anything as the waitress nodded her head and walked to the bar. Sky slowly pulled the jinax root from his pocket placing it on the table.
"have you ever tried Jinax apple cider?" as he spoke he reached around pulling a long slender dagger from a hidden sheath behind one of his katana's the dagger itself looked to be custom made, a half inch hook rested on the tip of the blade, jagged edges and finely sharpened steel would sever any man's bone. as he went about slicing and dicing the root..

Before long the waitress came back with the glass of apple cider, she set it down on the table then walked off. Sky took his hand scooping up the minced root, he dropped it in the warm apple cider, then taking a wooden spoon began stirring it up good.
Melody watched on wondering what exactly he was doing, surely he was not trying to poison her now, and in front of her no less. When Sky was satisfied that the drink was mixed good enough he slid it to Melody who in return looked down at it questioningly.

"Its actually quite healthy for you." He grinned as he leaned back in his chair once more. "Well since you say that" she mockingly spoke as she grinned towards Sky.

After a moment of hesitation she broke down and picked up the glass, at first taking a small sip but when the flavor hit her taste buds she started drinking faster until before she realized it, she had drank it all. Lowering her glass she wiped her lips of the reaming cider.
She looked towards sky who was just smiling back at her which then caused her to smile..

They spent all day in the tavern talking, laughing, and dancing. The sun was starting to set so they decided it was best if she was to be heading off, the sooner she was to the border the sooner she was out of harms way. As they left the tavern the sun was still in the sky, casting distant shadows from the buildings. The wagon that was to take her to the border was just north some from the big building. Sky walked her around to the front of the cart, as he helped her to it he looked up into her eyes lost in a trance.
Melody smiled back down towards Sky. "So will I get to see you again?" she spoke softly her eye's piercing his own baby blue pupils.

Sky was just about to respond to her question when something in the corner of his eye caught his attention, with lightning speed his left hand went from holding Melody's hand to the hilt of his katana that's strapped to his left shoulder. In an instant his blade was out, drawn and inches from Melody's face, she froze, petrified with fear for her own life, but it was only a few seconds before her eyes focused on the blade itself, the sharp end was not pointed towards her but away from her.
Not even a second later did Sky reach around with his right hand to his right shoulder strapped katana and it to was drawn however it was facing to his other side, Sky was now facing south his arms out stretched. Sky's head twitched to his right as a long slender blade came into view next to his neck as the flat end slowly slid along his shoulder. Without warning three heads slowly became visible to the naked eye, one standing just inches from Melody, Sky's blade pressed hard against his neck the sharp blade already drawing little blood, to his right the very tip of his blade pressed against the jugular vein of another man's neck, each man wearing some kind of invisibility cloak, The man behind Sky his blade to Sky's neck, his right arm out stretched holding the sword up. He moved his left arm up, out from under the invisible robe came a stub of a hand, the man grinned as he let his blade dig slightly into the skin of Sky, however his blood was not red instead it was a magenta color.

"You took my hand Sky, now I will take what belongs to me, and your life" The man shouted
Sky slowly turned his head to his left so that he could look behind him and towards Melody.

"To think that guy only wanted me to deliver a message and the whole time you delivered me yourself!" He shouted again.

Suddenly two more heads emerged from out of no where this time standing on the wagon behind Melody as they quickly reached down grabbing her, picking her up one of the men was struggling to throw something over her head when finally all three of them once again disappeared, Sky tensed up but was quickly reminded of just what kind of situation he was in when the cold steel blade dug itself long his shoulder even more. He was growing annoyed of this man and fast.

Quickly he snapped his left hand back, spinning to his left following the motion of his sword as he ignored the man on the wagon with his attack focusing on the handless man behind him, as his blade sliced clean through his neck once again completing his spin finding himself facing south once again.
The man on the wagon quickly jumped down to the ground as the man to his right slowly moved closer to the middle of the street. Sky slowly backed up a few feet, crossing his arms quickly spinning the katana's so that they are facing down he drove them into the soft dirt, as he slowly crouched down grabbing something from the now headless and handless man he slowly stood to his feet once more.
"He had his warning, this is yours" He spoke as he raised his hands over his head opening it up, suddenly half his body disappeared, his shoulders fading into the wind, the only thing left visible to the naked eye was the veins of his hair and his baby blue bloodshot eyes, before long they too disappeared as the cloak engulfed his body.

The few villagers who gathered watched on in awe and shock, the deadly silence was nerve racking, just then a bit of dust flew up from the ground a few feet from the resting katana's. Suddenly the katana facing east sprung from the ground with deadly force so fast that all that could be seen was a streak of metal then blood shooting out across the ground, before the first could even fall the second Katana was drawn from the ground it too struck with deadly force as once again blood shot up from what seemed to be air itself.. Two arms could be seen attached to the katana's When one hand slowly reached around pulling the hood down revealing Sky's baby blue hair.

Now two bodies could be seen laying opposite sides of Sky, as he quickly sheathed his swords. Many of the Villagers ran inside locking up their doors the few that had remained and watched on in awe as Sky slowly walked over to the handless man's corpse as he crouched down inspecting him.

Before long Sky produced a small letter sealed with wax from the man's corpse, Sky turned the letter over as he stared long and hard at the words written on the paper, it was addressed to him. Standing to his feet he looked to the south the way they had first entered town, he spotted some foot prints.. 'obviously not wanting us to make it to the border' he thought to himself as he looked down at the letter in his hand. Slowly he began walking south following the foot steps he opened the letter and read it as he walked down the path and into the woods.


'Its been a long time Sky. We have much to discuss you and I, you probably don't remember our last encounter, after all you were but just a boy as I was much older than you. If you are reading this then that pathetic waste of human life did his job and is no doubt dead, good job.

No doubt you are wondering about your sweet little girl friend. Don't worry she will be properly taken care of in your absence. You see Sky, your job is simple. You are to suffer, do not worry yourself with this though, I will have some friends of mine pay you a visit, perhaps you can get along better with him then your former company.
Do not worry yourself with such trivial matters, we shall be seeing each other very soon my dear brother....'

Azreal Soulwrath

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rough Drafts of Chapter 3 and 4.

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