Another Whiskey Bottle

Volume Three

Another Whiskey Bottle


What is wrong with me? With one shot to wash away the bad dreams.

Two more to drown out the sound of your screams.

Searching for the pipe, take a hit while pondering the morality of what is right.

Trying to find the strength to face the day, with another whiskey bottle to fade away.


How is courage the measure of man, when cowards run the lands.

Always searching for answers, when more questions fall in their hands.

Running from the monster in the mirror, when its only your shadow you fear.

Thinking you know whats best for another, when you can taste your own tears

crying alone when no one is home and you think you have the best advice.


Quick to judge, when you should point that finger at your own vice.

Lost that love, when you never knew the value and paid that price.”


What is wrong with me? A true horror show I see, and will always be.

A circus reject freak, with another whiskey bottle to help me sleep.

Finding myself a prisoner to my own thoughts, while everything around me rots

falling apart before the knife even had the time to hit my heart.

I aim to medicate the pain, I aim to predicate the insane.


Constantly being reminded that I am a failure, that somehow they know my future.

Unaware of what tomorrow will bring, they still think treasure is a material thing.

The gold I'd give, for just another day to believe that I somehow earned my reprieve.

Survived your inquisition, your crusade against my sun.

Moved to condemn everything that I've done.

Never good enough, not worthy, I've heard it all so I guess in the end you won

as I reach for another whiskey bottle, to drown in this hovel.


So whats wrong with me? A soul trapped yearning to be free.

A heart stabbed and bound, confused and lost but not wanting to be found.

Beaten to the ground, but look at what I had found.


At the bottom of sorrow, we find ourselves. Beaten and broke we still rise for tomorrow.

In the darkest of rooms, we find the reasons. Fighting for every inch within our hallowed tombs.”


I have reasons for the person I have become today,

before you judge ask your reflection if have any room talk and see what it will say.

Are you truly any better? We all make mistakes, we all carry with us at least one regret

To climb from our hell we all must take that first step.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Honestly, not the way I thought it was gonna come out but decently pleased with the outcome.

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