To Detach 'A Treatise'


To Detach 'A Treatise'



Act I


I have for so long wanted to escape back into the addiction
Russian roulette found within a simple prescription.
I aim to medicate the pain, while I try to sedate the brain.
Down the rabbit hole we fall, strange that we run till we hit our wall.


When you strip a man of his pride
close your eyes for none of this was planned
just riding the crest of this tide
so take this pain from my hand.
I have made so many mistakes, while holding onto a damaged soul
standing here helpless, a struggle to not just give in
managing the stress, the weight of it all takes it's toll
and temptation invites herself to my bed, where I taste the sin
one last rational thought before the coma sets in.


“Pop that pill, with all the time to kill
drown in excess, while running in circles without success
pull the trigger to the gambler's gun, for your mind is now numb
can you live for this day, if an overdose becomes your last day?”


Act II


I can see the blood soaked leaves drifting in the rain,
I know its an illusion within my mind, yet feel it all the same
The opportunities, the chances we risk and the ones we take
formulates infinite possibilities that we create, that we make
We are children within the stretching eye
and the wise men who chose to look towards the sky.


When this world turns dark and ugly,
and in the outcome there is no chance to heal
when all your faith fades leaving you blind, unable to see
slip into a coma when it's so easy to simply swallow a pill.
We all struggle to run back to our addictions
fighting temptation, sub-coming to it being our obsessions
and I once thought of suicide, only I could not swallow my own pride


In the beginning, we are all born free under the sun
In the end I know I will return to the stars once I am done.
The glory in this life, becomes the lessons we have learned
to survive is a constant struggle, but the experience is earned.




“Your sanity is up for sale, an auction to the highest bidder,
hush now for the secrets I know and will tell”

One day I know I will return home,
the fear of the unknown will never sway my heart
With one foot before the last, I will always move forward
and when the time comes and my eyes close,
I will know I have lived this life the best I could.
I will have my regrets, but wish to take none of them back
I will smile as my last breath escapes my lungs


With so many questions left unsolved, left unanswered
and so many paths, choices left undiscovered.


Act IV


I hear the whispers of the past, leaving me to loath my mask
there is an angel standing before me, through her eyes I'm set free
and I can touch the stars when I close my eyes,
all the pain grows distant, and dreams I quickly realize.


“Silence draws in, for it's the calm before the storm”

It has become clear to me now, as I see it in your eyes
No matter what you have to say, I see the bluff in front of your lies
my feet are planted firmly to the ground,
as I watch as the world burns, while it slowly turns
and here lies beside me, a flower with no name
a once beautiful rose just the same.


I grew up in a world I can no longer recognize
being led by the fearful who are quick to villanize.
Let me strike a nerve, and say the battle lines are blurred
as the brainwashed masses march towards the sounds of suicide
following the piper as he sings the ballad of the viper.
Follow the money, It's the cattle herded by those who lied
and here lies beside me, a flower with no name
a once beautiful rose just the same.


Welcome to this age, these are what I predict as I turn the page.
Murder, mayhem, and anarchy as blood will run
Wars, security, and slavery while you face down the barrel of their gun.
Welcome to the insanity, where chaos lies before us
respect will soon fade followed by the gentle touch.


“A mad world, trapped in paradise
Insane creatures that inhabit this beautiful place
this paradox that holds the ultimate prize,
where we can love with anger, passion and grace.”

We live the gift of ignorance just like that of children
with a fraction of our true potential, we are humbled by the very act of creation
to witness the perfect moment, remembered within the perfect memory
a soul that is born free, dwelling within a shadow of it's own legacy.
Dreams that fade before ever realized,
are found within this mad world, this forgotten paradise..




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