Just a Scribble

"We dance and sing in the land of make believe, We run and play with daydreams. We in all of our flaws can adapt to any cause, Lieing there next to you and bleeding, confessing to you what my soul was needing. We could swim the lake of fire but would still make you a silver tounged liar. Tell me this is all worth it, all your anger taken out on me. I can feel the knife slice the skin, and the pain becomes a silthering sin, twisting inside. You're twisting inside.

The fallen angel sings no more, flys no more.
The fallen angel shatters into a million pieces, the darkness to adore

Skeletons tell no secrets in a land of war, children of destruction living in damnnation. Addicts to an obsession, where we must cling to possesions. Waking up next to you, I saw the blank stare, Comatosed without a single care. A fish fresh out of water, got excited and flew too close to the sun. Personal quests abandoned by what we have done. One day, You will see, I will know that ultimate question.

We dance and sing within the land of illusion, play in fields of dreams
understanding the complexity of ions and energies.
yet failing ourselves at every turn, killing off our muse
feeling more like saddists enjoying the abuse

like the chaos found within the abstract art, and history gives us a good start.
I cannot run forever in the forest, always confused and always lost
Scared of nothing but the turning of the page, pin me to the tree of knowledge
So I close my eyes to pray, but not your god I say. To the mother of creation, the conscious of the soul.
Give me the strength to face the things Ive done, and carry the regrets I know."

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