In a day of Sorrow

Volume Two

In a day of Sorrow
by: Matthew Wayne

Let me get inside your mind, let me see what I can find
The illusion is as hallow as your ego
where you believe your still in control

“I had lost you once before,
below in the heavens so high
I ran to you under the stars
as we danced to the rhythm of the sky”

Share with me your pain, so that tonight we shall feel no shame
when we embrace, I can feel your skin soft as lace
a heavenly sent, an aroma of your grace
and should I fall would you even hear my call?
And on that day I ask, what would your answer be?
To make that last dash, to look me in the eyes and see
my dream of paradise, just imagine all of the possibilities.

Should you fall, do you have any fear?
That in your desperate hour would you want me there?
Should you call, I am never that far
look towards the sky, we are under the same star

“You are the hope found in a day of sorrow
and you are the reason for a better tomorrow”

I have a dream that I must catch, it might just be my last chance
one last dance, one last shot for this forgotten romance
when perception becomes the reality we believe
deception will follow every step you leave
The lies, the abuse and all the dirty secrets
become washed out for the world to witness

I have begged, and I have pleaded
even ran to you when I was needed
yet no one cared to peer into my soul
to understand or truly know
who I am, becoming lost in a day of sorrow

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