Our Time

“Our Time”

The twisted things we say, can never compare to the thoughts we play
within our mind, There is a psychotic circus. With a sick sense of purpose.
In the devils kitchen, gutting the pig. To save the heart, you need to kill the bitching,
then just two graves you will need to dig.
Forgotten how to forgive, and forgotten how to live.

Time is the only constant, that time will forever change,
Love and pain, it comes and goes leaving only the memories to remain.
Walking to the end, we cling to fantasies as we magically pretend
that our lives mean anything more than just to exists.

God becomes our puppet master, as we create our own disasters
Children of titans, we have been devoured by the Leviathan.
To see the beauty behind one's eyes, see the beauty behind the lines.
As time will guide us down our path, rocky roads we pray for grass.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not yet done, but figured I'd show it off anyway.

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