Children of Men

Children of Men
By: Matthew Wayne

I can see the strings dance before my eyes, the tricks played out before me
The puppet master's slight of hand for the world to see
Where the blind deserve the collars and the lashes, the whips and chains
Lets all form a line and one by one play the sadist’s games

The darkness eats away at your soul,
It devours hope until your divided and no longer whole.
Evil lies within the shadow of man,
where deception can be found within their hand.
A betrayal sealed with a deadly kiss.”

What good does it do to look into the eyes of a child
when the game has changed and now everything becomes wild
I watch as the world around me slowly decays
to see the beauty to be found within death and what it creates
loving the unsolvable questions asked at random.

The sky bleeds red, with the bodies of slain men”

I have failed everyone, I have destroyed and I have sinned
and I must confess I still live with this pain, a soul was bargained
So many dirty secrets, so many bloody lies
too much confusion where everyone dies
and in bigotry there can be no compromise.

Trust in yourself, and follow your heart,
breath the air, and treasure life as it were a work of art.
It's our divine spirituality, that resides within our own humanity
self aware gods in the eyes of science,
with the mentality of children who crave violence.

Lost is the sight of the dog,
where the masters hand knows no wrong
fish who fly within the open sea
while tasting that gentle breeze”

I see myself now through the reflection of who I was,
and the mistakes I've made, choices and chances, maybe luck.
Always trying my hardest to keep my spirits up.

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