January 4th 2011

Journal Entries

Journal Entry;
January 4th 2011 2:48am


             “Gaze upon the fire of a star, to become lost within it's mystical halo. To know heaven, Witness the gamma lights and feel the vibrational energy as it courses around us, through us. To experience love in a world full of brutality where the earth becomes the devils playground, through the minds and hearts of men and women.
                    Mortal to the pleasures of excess. Sin given a name to the depravity of ones own divine soul, our consciousness to know and understand this life, to be able to live within the present with an eye to the past and the future. We are children of god, gods by birth and by death, to know energy bends the fabric of space and time, small vibrations on a scale we have yet to even grasp. We ate at and continue to chew the forbidden fruit as we experience the wonderful taste, for in the mind of a mortal, there exists the word “forbidden”. Sacred is the delicate balance between the primal opposites. The friction which ignites the ordered chaos, that spark of a masterpiece in creation.
                   I believe in the conscious attempt at the bettering of the understanding of who we are, that at the very core of every atom there is that primal energy, that void of space, the intangible spark for limitless possibilities, and its in those moments of harmony that miracles are made.”


Death is the only way out, but its the journey
I believe is what life is all about and far from over
This life will be but an odd dream.”

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