Psycho- Confessions: Chapter 7 Excerpt

Literary Passages
If we are damned to suffer, then why not go out smiling”


My life's blood, now displayed to and for the world
for all to judge, for all to see. Just know that in the end.
It wasn't about the pain, it was all for the beauty”


Peace, Shambhala, my Garden, and even Heaven itself. I've called it many things, yet the meaning and the definition never changed.
'Take me to Valhalla where I may rest my heart. Pin me to the tree of knowledge so that my eyes may rest upon the truth.'
To live is the journey, the quest becomes the desires and passions as you walk this often painful road. Experiencing this life, these emotions, feelings and thoughts as its all connected.
I have seen enough in my years to know that there is more to our existence than meets the eye. That through the vale of deception the simple mind is extinguished. I question boldly, and my theories are loud yet without an open mind we choke off the door to our inspirations, our dreams that ignite creativity. Caught between being animals and gods. Our primal raw emotions drives us to places indescribable, and locked deep within our minds is the key, the language of the universe and the secrets she holds.
Mortality is a blessing, for it teaches us to cherish and to treasure the true value in our life. The moments in time, memories of a meaningful experience, To love as deeply as we do and to cry as much as we have.
For my faith, my belief is simple. To know everything, to be and feel as though it were you, then those moments of experience becomes a bit less meaningful.
There is a delicate balance within the universe, definite opposites, then you have us, thrown in the middle. A paradox between Heaven and Hell, Love and Hate, Light and Darkness, and even between Animal and God.


Our soul defines our character,
our life becomes our teacher”


The Soul Catcher


The rules are broken, the moment your lies are spoken
endless nights of no sleep, just knowing I'm in too deep
creating the misery, the failure in everything I see
blinded to the shinning sun, burned in the past for all I've done
Oh' Saint, Oh' Angel, a whisper for something gentle
will my soul forever burn, just as this world will forever turn
is there peace amidst this storm, the insanity has me torn
facing the wind, when the misery has you pinned
fighting till your very last breath, for the only truth is that of death
beaten yet you still stand, to give up when you still have life in your hand
They can clip our wings, strip away all the beautiful things
condemn us to a hell of our own creation, a reality filled with temptation
walking a road, searching for salvation.
A broken man trapped between worlds, one blue one black
with the darkness to your back.
Hope flows as free as the river, through the chaos, the obscured
a shred of faith, can bring a subtle grace.
A mysterious stranger, a conscious observer.
My will made flesh, desires put to the test
for all we have is to live, In the end there is only death
So I live for the moment, trying hard not to regret
I still feel the passion, still hear our song
and I will proudly march on.
For when my time comes calling,
I have a feeling my soul will still be crawling
dancing with the stars in the heavens, no longer suffering or tormented
To live, To survive, to be Alive
To love, To feel, To experience all that is real
given a chance, to take that last dance.
Am I worthy to walk those sacred grounds
a myth, a legend but still so profound,
The symbol, peace becomes my goal, and truth to set free my soul
Kingdoms fall, where knowledge is not found within four walls
Not hidden behind a rock or a stone, through our humanity god is shown”
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A rough draft from my book Psycho- Confessions.

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