Love In The Dark

Our Fold Songs

Don't tell her when she can see in the dark.

Don't tell her when she's got what she needs.

She's got her own mind,

She's got her own life.

It's alright for you cos you can stay with your wife.


Hoping that it's light can she begin her climb

to the top but she falls without thinking,

"I'm alright, but what are you like?

I'm alright, but what are you like?"


Love, in the dark.

Love, in the dark.


It`s another story that i made up while i`m sat on the carpet,

chewing my own toe.


And she won't be gone 'till life brings her home.

No one lets go and no one gets told it's alright.

Cos they already know. 

Yes they already know. 

She feels love.


Love, in the dark.

Love, in the dark.

She's only thinking 'bout love.

She's only thinking 'bout life,

In the fast lane.


She wants more than enough.

More than just love.

More than enough,

More than just love,

She don't know.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of the earliest Our Fold tracks ever recorded. From the 24 Church st demos. All lyrics were improvised as the tape rolled and kept like that in the later Demo recording.

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