Kissing the Gunner's Daughter

Sea Change

The cat o' nine tails never fail

As we're flogging round the fleet

Tied to a bed of nails under a ragged sail

As we admit our unfair defeat

The cat's out of the bag

It's claws dig in my back

For a crime that I'm not guilty

We fly the white flag

But then we put it back

Cause we know we'll never be free

They gave us a taste of the captains daughter

They stripped us of our dignity

We quench our thirst with salt water

God is nonexistent in the sea

The hungry ocean awaits its next meal

As the drums begin to roll

With the devil we all made a deal

This ship will own our souls.

We misbehaved so we became enslaved

This cycle never ends

There's no God to save us from violent waves

And we can never make amends

A sinister sailor slaughter

Is such a saddening sight

We come face to face with the gunner's daughter

And give her a kiss goodnight

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