Heart of Gold

You're only nineteen,

Such a young queen,

Compared to you I feel so old.

Most beautiful girl my eyes have ever seen,

Lay beside my side and share my fairytale dream,

Without your warm touch my lonely heart's so cold.

We gaze up at the stars,

This night's forever ours,

We'll put tomorrows' plans on hold.

We quickly heal our scars,

We break our prison bars,

The beauty of love begins to unfold.

Your diamond eyes,

They hypnotize,

In tears of joy I begin to drown.

We say "hello" to sunny skies,

The rain cloud in my head dies,

Your golden heart proudly wears its unbreakable crown.

Please let me hold your hand,

We'll leave our footprints in the sand,

Endless potential our future beholds.

Once empty arms now expand,

Placing on your finger a wedding band,

From your precious heart I made the mold.

Now I've found true bliss,

Proving love at first sight really exists,

Feelings shared so beautiful and bold.

Floating on cloud nine when we kiss,

I wouldn't trade all the treasure in the world for this,

For my soul mate already owns a heavenly heart of gold.

Your ocean eyes,

They realize,

We'll be together even when we grow old.

Oh how fast our time flies,

Soon we'll exchange "goodbyes",

Lay to rest your heavy heart of gold.

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