If I was you

If false were true

If fish and flowers flew

Zygote zebras would escape from the Zen zoo

If straight was gay

If tomorrow was today

If color turned to gray

Atheists would begin to pray

If two plus two equaled five

If commitment meant to connive

If statues were alive

Suicide would be the only way to survive

If birds were bees

If tornadoes were trees

If doves and delicacies decomposed into debris

Tightrope walkers would fall to their fatalities

If foes were friends

If the beginning was the end

If reality was just pretend

Broken hearts would always instantly mend

If circles were squares

If strikes were spares

If robots were beyond repair

The rules to redemption would not be very fair

If you were me

If forever was temporary

If maybe was a guarantee

Then the blind could start to see

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