The Blood of Christ

...The scissor's blade

Is stained with the darkest shade

Of blood as red as wine,

Take a sip as the suicidal serpent sends shivers down your feeble spine...

The wooden cross stands proudly on display atop the illustrious Holy hill,

The precious blood of Christ begins to expeditiously spill.

The rivers of the world simultaneously fill with cyanide and blood,

The city streets overflow with forgiveness as they forever flood.

The sun explodes like an atomic bomb as it disappears over the horizon in the West,

The time has tragically come for this courageous Hawk to leave his noble nest.

Our lacerated lips and arid eyes are stitched so tight,

Follow your hollow heart to redemption on this frigid night.

We stumble and fall on our poisioned path,

Living our lies and caged in our own aftermath.

We hike this tainted trail to our predetermined fate,

Hoping that it safely leads us to His glorious golden gate.

...The dagger's blade

Is saturated with the deepest shade

Of wine as red as blood,

Solitude's ashes rise above our love's flame as Tomorrow's tears cause our future to flood...

My disposable deathbed is on display for the world to see,

The corrupted cup is contaminated, cracked, and empty.

Our ocean of tears and forgotten memories is polluted with oil and blood,

Our land's rich and fertile soil transforms into a reservoir of mud.

The sun explodes like a hand grenade as it peeps over the mountains in the East,

The moment has abruptly arrived for this audacious eagle to enjoy his final feast.

Bullets and bombs fry freely in a sky so opaque and so gray,

Follow the sun to salvation on this depressing day.

We struggle to crawl on our tragic trail,

Hopelessly steering a sunken ship to our omega with tattered sails.

We travel this perpetual path to our unforgiving fate,

Praying that we can peacefully parade through the perfect perly gates.

...The scissor's blade

Is stained with the darkest shade

Of blood as read as wine,

Take a sip and commit the ultimate crime...

We are tortured and whipped on the road to our death,

Asking our deaf Father for forgiveness with our final breath.

We travel this highway to Hell which offers us the shortest route to our fate,

Knowing that our sins will never open Heaven's gate...

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