You are bliss in its most beautiful form,

You are the tranquility after a thunderstorm.

Everyone else is merely a mannequin when you enter the room,

The first time our paths had crossed, the flower of our future began to bloom.

My eyes are permanently glued to your angelic face,

By your side and in your arms is my desired permanent place.

You are my sole shining star in the night sky that illuminates my dark path, leading me in the right direction,

You are my everything...my personal peculiar piece of perfection.

...You fell from stars and are my special little gift from up above,

Everything you are is everything I love...

You are true happiness in its most glorious form,

You are the rainbow after a rainstorm.

The rest of society is melting in a corrupted cauldron full of clones, for you are an owner of such a unique and exceptional soul,

Everyday of your eventful existence I will, in every way, eulogize and extol.

Your blue gray eyes remind me of an ocean on an autumn night as they catch the moon?s vivid glow,

While we're freely floating on cloud nine, I know we'll never get caught in the inescapable undertow.

Our stalwart souls swaying in the wind like an emancipated kite is such a spectacular sight,

You are my fairytale firefly, my little flicker of light to make this dark night so bright.

...You descended from Heaven and helped me plant tomorrow?s seed,

Everything you are is everything I need...

You are perfection in its most splendid shade,

To my broken heart you were the first aid kit and the band-aid.

The first time we spoke and said "hello", I knew that I would never want to say "goodbye",

You are the missing piece to my puzzle, and that puzzle won?t shatter even when we die.

When we shared our first kiss, I wished our lips would never again separate,

When we intertwined and became one, I realized that I have found my lifelong partner and soul mate.

I can finally rest in peace as I lay upon your breast and feel the gentle beating of your heart,

Your body is a masterpiece, and I hope someday together we can create our own little work of art.

...You've fallen from grace and I couldn't be luckier that you entered my life,

Everything you are is everything I look for in my future wife...

You are beauty in its most blissful shade,

You always find a way to make my worries and fears quickly fade.

Your skin is as smooth as silk as you caress your body with mine,

Your touch slowly sends sensual shivers down my sensitive spine.

The first time you told me you loved me, my heart melted and I was so happy that I could cry,

One day I would like to visit those stars that you fell from if you can teach me how to fly.

My guardian angel, you make my life so complete and carefree,

The stars floating above your halo shine so bright tonight for just you and me.

...You must have fell from outer space, because you are truly my shining star,

Everything I love is everything you are...

...Kiss me under the moonlight as we smile and gaze at the stars up above,

Everything you are is everything I love...

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