Underneath a Dying Sun

Laying underneath a dying sun

Makes me want to cry

One hand holds your picture while the other holds the gun

Swallow the silver bullet before i get a chance to say "goodbye"

Singing underneath a dying moon

Makes me feel so alive

Your feelings for me have twisted and turned similiar to how Geller bends a silver spoon

Meet me where my river of blood and ocean of tears intermix and we'll take a suicide dive

Resting underneath a dying tree

Makes me start to think

If I jumped into the waterless sea

Would I swim or would I sink?

Sleeping underneath the dying stars

Makes me lost in a dream where there is no such thing as time

We break our hearts as we crash our cars

Such an atrocious way for us to intertwine

Suffocating underneath the dying grass

Makes me full of confusion but all out of breath

The future years will quickly pass

Now and until the hour of our death

Drowning underneath my dying tears

Makes me look up to a black and gray sky

Trying to repair this broken wing for years upon years

But deep down I wretchedly realize that I never again freely fly

Freezing underneath the dying ice

Makes my body cold, just like your blood and heart

We took a chance and rolled the dice, now we must pay the hefty price

Such a tragic way for us to break apart

Laying underneath a dying gun

Makes me want to kill

One hand holds your picture while the other holds the sun

Close my eyes and say "farewell" as I fire at will and painlessly swallow that delicious metal pill

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