Just when I that I would never find true love and be alone as one,

I discovered a soulmate so special to bring back that all-powerful lustrous sun.

Why do I deserve your love, what good in this life have I done?

A one and a one now equals a one.

In order to become one, it first requires two,

Now I can't imagine my life with anyone else but you.

Erasing the past memories where I was lost and lonely, caged in the isolated zoo,

Where a one and a one equaled a two.

"I love you" can sound like a million words, but in actuality...it's only three,

Now your splendid beauty and smiles are all that I dream about and see.

Take my hand, we can forever run away from here and escape the debris,

A one and a one now equals you and me.

Finding perfection inside of a cage of flesh and bone is more rare than picking out of a field a clover with leaves of four,

I'm addicted to your love, and everyday I need this drug more and more.

We can both start anew and pick up the pieces that have been scattered across the contaminated floor,

A one and one can now equal a brand new adventure for us to explore.

Our unbreakable bond deserves a pat on the back and a high five,

The second you stepped off that airplane, our luscious love began to derive.  

Having you in my arms finally gives me the long awaited chance to revive,

A one and one have never made me feel so carefree and alive.

The first time I heard the word "love" was at the innocent age of six,

To dabble with the definition of this trite word is more confusing than learning to eat food with chopsticks.

When a past lover had told me that they loved me, with confidence I believed that she was a lunatic,

But with you a one and one in my mind equals a bond so strong and thick.

How many continents are on this beautiful planet? Count them; seven,

However, no matter which one we choose to call home, there is nowhere else I would rather spend my time with you than on cloud nine in Heaven.

Kissing your soft lips is equivalent to a glimpse into Zion and having you by my side is parallel to practicing Zen,

In this utopia a one and a one equals something in which I never imagined it would have been.

So far my life has been nothing more than a relay race around a track in the shape of a figure eight,

But as soon as my eyes set upon your blissful body, I knew our relationship would be an everlasting romantic date.

Us intertwining in this magical way is a little something that a few would call fate,

The result of adding a one and a one in this equation provides the sum of my lifelong partner and soul mate.

Now our exhausted souls can finally relax in their rightful resting-place on cloud nine,

Atop the pinnacle of true bliss our love for one another will brilliantly shine.

Cut your slice of perpetual happiness from the pie, for I have just devoured mine,

When I'm with you a one and a one equals a feeling so divine.

Not even a year ago I wondered if I would ever find the all-worthy one,

But here today I know that I'm in my right place simply by the blinding, cheerful shine of the sun.

How did I earn your love? In the game of life and love the dark horse has won,

A one and a one forever equals a one.

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