Diabolical Dance of Death

The satanic sun steals the sparks from the surrounding stars and drains the achromatic moon of its purloined light,

Take my hand as we ride this wicked roller coaster of religion; we'll resurrect the reaper and dance with death tonight.

Receive the corrupted body of Christ and vomit the stale bread in Heaven's sight,

Rip out the wicked wings of an angel and watch it helplessly attempt to freely take off for flight.

The Diabolical Dance of Death summons our sinful souls and enjoins our once pillaged power,

Flooding the city streets with fire and filling the golden cup with cyanide and venom during this holy happy hour.

In the bloodstained ballroom we waltz our way to redemption with each rhythmic step and suicidal stride,

The mystery is revealed and no longer unknown, so swallow the spoonful of lies and open wide.

In the wretched ring of infernal flame we spontaneously combust while continuing to accept this evil embrace,

The dark light illuminates our poisoned path and plays gentle upon your pallid face.

Faster...faster...we all spin the roulette wheel and sell our souls to Satan as we gamble in this grotesque grace,

O, Thou Holy One, toss my chastised corpse into the corrupted cauldron and stir me with quickening haste.

Killing our future at confession as faith pours forth from our forfeited souls,

The viscous cycle has completed a revolution but the circle never ends and our ill-fortuned failed fates begin to take their tragic tolls.

We knock down Heaven's heavy door and storm the barb-wired barricades as we perform our Diabolical Dance of Death one last time for the Universe to see,

Ashes to ashes and we all wave our freedom flags while forever freefalling to our frigid fatality.

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