“As close as strangers” by Daisy Alvarez

“As close as strangers” by Daisy Alvarez


As soon as she arrived to the departure lounge she noticed him.  He was standing by the timetable, he was in a sport outfit, he look just like if he has not sleep in a while. She had not seen him since they broke up, she felt like time hasn’t change anything but somehow they weren’t the same they once were. It is strange how sometimes you know someone so much you can feel their emotions just by seeing their face, and then something happens and they become like completely strangers.


She goes to an empty place and sits, takes out a book and started to read, or she tries to. But memories comes to her mind, like a movie playing in front of her eyes, she can remember their first kiss, their first date, everything, like it has been just yesterday. But no, it has been 5 years since then. She guesses what it would have been if they had not broken up, would they be married?


Soon she feels like someone is staring at her, so she glazes up and is caught by his face. She nods and smiles at him, she really doesn’t know how to act in front of him anymore.  Like if he felt an invitation to come close he starts to walk towards her, she panics a little but she needs to deal with this.

-Hey. –He says.

-Hey. –She says. She doesn’t know if she is supposed to act like if they were still friends or talk about what happened the last time.

-What are you doing here? Going back home?

-Actually yes, I’m going visit grandma.

-Oh, me too. Wait no, not to visit your grandma… I’m… anyway… what I’m trying to say is that I’m going home too.

-Oh, okay… Hope everything is good.

-Yeah, it is. Anyway I’m going to get a coffee.

-Okay, bye.

-Bye, it was nice to see you.


And just like that he walks away. It was really funny how once they were so close, and now everything they said felt like talking with a stranger.  I guess that’s what happens when you lost complete contact with someone.

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