Lizbeth holds
father's bike


while sitting
on her own
waiting for


to return
from the hedge


with bird's eggs
or the shells
of blackbirds


he had seen
once nest there
she is bored


she wants more
and other
things than this


bird watching
or looking
out for those


she wants sex
not nature


study shite
where are you?


she calls out
just coming
he replies


if only
she muses
watching bees


on flowers
the soft buzz


going by


she calls out
where are you?
here I am


he replies
coming out
of a hedge


clutching blue
black speckled
eggshell bits


in his palm
look at that
fine eggshells


he says soft
she looks strained
her eyes scan


the eggshells
in his hand
is that it?


just eggshells?
lucky find
he replies


tucking them
in the black


on the bike
she watches
his fingers


how gently
they arrange
the eggshells


in the bag
can we go
to that hut


on the Downs
that you found?
she asks him


he buckles up
the black bag
I guess so


he replies
it's not big
just an old


shepherd's hut
unused now
is it far?


she asks him
ten minutes
walk away


he replies
we can't ride?
she asks him


too hilly
he replies
her lips pout


and she sighs
only way
he tells her


ok then
she replies
so they ride


to the foot
of the Downs
leaving their


two bicycles
by a tree
and walk up


and along
the pathway
between trees


he thinking
of a nest
he'd seen there


the last time
Robin's nest
he believes


she thinking
of hot sex
in the shed


on the floor
on the old
bath towel she'd


brought from home
she and he
all alone


walks and sniffs


the fresh air
thinking of


robin's eggs
and of them
getting there.

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