As I came
from the Embankment
underground station
towards Charing Cross


I saw Julie standing
looking in
a shop window
she looked thin


in the jeans
and yellow tee-shirt
her hair was drawn back
in a ponytail


she saw me
and walked towards me
thought I’d meet you here
she said


got bored waiting
in Trafalgar Square
I said


good that you're here
we kissed and walked
hand in hand
up to Charing Cross


how are you?
I asked
she said


the doctors
have been on my case
all week
and the nurses


have been
breathing down my neck
into everything I do
can't even go


to the bog
without them
standing outside the door
in case I’m shooting up


and are you?
I asked
course not
where am I


going to get anything
to shoot up?  
we came to the road
and crossed


at the lights
and into Charing Cross Road
I missed you
she said


missed you too
I said
wish I had
a photo of you


to put by my bed
can't get one
she said
the parents won't bring


a thing from home
unless you have a camera?
no I don't
have a camera


I said
she said
I’m going


to a jazz concert
next week
I said
jazz? yuk


she said
I’d rather
have an enema
who are you seeing?


Charles Lloyd
jazz sax guy
but I can see you
in the day time


it's in the evening
she looked at me
we could try book
into that crazy hotel again


for a few hours
she said
get that same room
and bed


I asked
no next week
she said


I said
I’ll ring through tonight
she smiled


give me something
to look forward to
all week
get me through


the nonsense
with the docs and nurses
we went into
Leicester Square


and into a café
for two coffees
and a slice
of chocolate cake each


and I studied
her face
and small breasts
just out of reach.

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