A Painful Return

And all that is love is silent.

The pain is steady, never wavering

The hands of the clock dance their dance

And the searing thickens in my mind

How did I find myself here again?

In this place with no sun, an endless winter

A moment of levity and lasting just seconds

I thought it was the sun wanting to shine

As the fog grew thicker, no heat was felt and yet,

A light, brighter and brighter and then, headlights

Moving from the path of the ghost like bus

I had realized, I've done this before

Lost out here alone

I swore this would never happen again

Yet again I bleed and the pain....

What is its origin?

All over there is a crushing agony

Will it never stop?

Purgatory? Must be...

And to think, I didn't believe

I should've known

A place could exist where my love is rewarded?
A fool I am!

I'd failed to learn my lesson, and now

Face to face with my past

I've forgotten just how cold this place can get

Standing without cover, made bare.

Alone in the harshness of this endless season

How could I be so unprepared...is this really love?

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