Magic Time Traveling Stone

It was the beginning of June and I was walking down the beach by myself. In the distance I saw a group of young people dancing around and laughing, basically just having. That made me think of how I didn’t get to experience that when I was young. The moment I turned 18 was the moment I turned 30 in my head. All the parties, the meeting new people, traveling I missed all of that because I wanted to be better than the rest or successful at an early age. Why you may ask? I actually don’t know, the only thing I knew was that I wasn’t happy.


Now I’m really 35 years old and I feel like I’ve been stuck in this age for too long, but what was I supposed to do now? I didn’t have that many friends and the ones I had were tired of that life, they were now settled down. They didn’t want to have the kind of fun I wanted, I knew if I suggested to go out and party they would look at me as if I grew two heads, so that wasn’t an option.


In that moment while I was passing the group of young people, it was when I wished there was a time machine or something, so I could go back and enjoy my years of youth. But that was just a crazy thought of course time travel doesn’t exist or does it?

I kept on walking when suddenly a kid or a little person maybe a dwarf, I wasn’t sure, was walking beside me. I didn’t know where he came from or if he was lost, so I asked him if he was okay, he just nodded but didn’t even look up at me. He grabbed my hand which I thought was weird, but he let go really fast and started running. I felt a note in my hand and when I looked up to see if I could catch up with that person, he was gone.


I opened the note and read it, first I thought it was a joke but then my wishful thinking made me open my mind to the possibility that what the note said might be real. Apparently there was a magic stone on top of the highest mountain on the island and that if I found it could make me travel in time to the exact year the universe decided I began to be unhappy. That seemed really crazy. I had so many question first, how did that little person know this was exactly what I was thinking and second do I really want to go back in time? I thought about it and decided that I did, I was going to climb the mountain and look for the magic stone, I didn’t have anything to loose. So the next morning I put on my hiking shoes and began to climb the mountain.


I was very wrong when I thought this would be easy, I was getting tired and there was still a long way to go, but I was determined I would reach the top and find that stone. After a few hours, a lot of sweat and maybe one or two blisters on my feet, I did it I was on top of the mountain. I took out the note and followed the little map it had. It took a few minutes but finally found it in the middle of a lot of regular stones, there it was, the magical time traveling stone. I grabbed it with both hands and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew I was in my bed, I opened my eyes and realized I was in my old room and by that I mean my room from 15 years ago. I couldn’t believe it, the stone actually worked I was 20 again. I got up, showered and went out of my room, I was determined not to waste this second chance I’ve been given to live my life how I really wanted to.

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