The Earth Fable

Ana Isabel Dabdoub

Carolina Villanueva Briseño

God was sitting in his favorite cloud thinking how to make his afternoon more interesting, that is when the brilliant idea of creating a new world came to his mind. He immediately started with his new project and decided to call it The Earth. “But what should The Earth have? What shape should I give it? Who’s going live in it?” He asked himself. God took it one step at a time. First he made the shape and it started out as a circle but something went wrong and ended up becoming an oblate sphere. “Hm..That’s good enough, I guess”, said God. Now it was time to fill it up with everything else he wanted to put on Earth. He started with animals like lions, bears, giraffes, birds, monkeys, and other animals that live on land. He then got creative and filled some spaces of The Earth with water. That is where sharks, whales, fishes and other sea animals lived. Finally, he froze some parts of Earth and penguins, polar bears, walruses and other artic or cold weather animals lived there. “That’s pretty good, think I’m done here”, God said. That was that.

Back on earth, all the animals lived happily in each of their designated habitats and in its best conditions: polar bears never suffered from warmth because it was always winter, camels were always relaxed because it was always hot, orangutans were always resting because it has humid and perfect, and so on. Surprisingly, lions were also friendly because they didn’t have to worry about anything. They even greeted each other.

“Hi my name is Simba, nice to meet you”. A lion would say.

“Hey, Simba I’m Mufasa. I really like it around here, don’t you?” The other responded.

All of the other animals felt the same, everything was in its place and they all lived in peace. Nature was taking its natural course; it was all working perfectly.

God was very fond of his creations, especially all the animals. Nevertheless, Artemis, daughter of God, was jealous of his creations: she utterly desired to damage her father´s creations. One day, Artemis noticed something that was happening on earth… the animals became more egocentric than ever before. Because they were so accustomed to live without preoccupations, they didn't care about other species. They didn’t want to share there living space, or to just share a ration of food. All the animal kingdom began to behave like this. It was becoming a world that God did not intend to create.


The relentless Artemis took advantage of their misbehaviour, grabbed the planet and started shaking it. She managed to shaked it so intense that she altered the weather in each habitat, thus corrupting the peacefulness that once existed. The perfect habitats no longer were: polar bears began to have summer, camels began to have winter, and lions became meaner because they weren’t at peace anymore. So from that moment on now, every animal received their punishment, and had to deal with it. The animals had to learn how to survive.

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